Lightning Tips ⚡

There are lightning tip buttons in different places around BTC Map indicating that you can send a donation to one of our Shadowy Supertaggers for their contributions to the bitcoin mapping community.

Receiving tips

In order to receive tips and have your tip button appear on BTC Map you need to complete a few steps first.

  1. Create a lightning address or an LNURL-pay string

  • BTC Map supports either of these methods for accepting lightning payments. You can find a list of wallets that support both specs in the above links. You may already have a lightning address and not know, for example if you have a account you can find your lightning address on your profile page. It only takes a few clicks to setup a lightning address with many of the wallets linked above and you can share your address in other places online to receive tips there as well.
  1. Add this information to your OpenStreetMap user profile

  • After logging into your OSM account, edit your profile description to include the following information: [⚡](
  • Replace with your own lightning address or LNURL-pay string that you created in Step 1
  • Save your changes by clicking Update Profile

That's it! 🥳 You are now ready to receive lightning tips to your wallet for your contributions. It may take up to 24 hours for the tip button to appear on BTC Map once you have added it to your OpenStreetMap profile.

Sending tips

To send lightning tips on BTC Map simply click on the Tip button and it will open any lightning enabled bitcoin wallet installed on your device. There are many lightning wallets to choose from. If you are using BTC Map on a desktop or laptop we recommend using the Alby browser extension for the most seamless experience.