BTC Map Communities are areas on the map, but they are also much more!

They are hubs of activity that connect local bitcoiners with each other and with local merchants. They provide focus for a community to help onboard new people and businesses to bitcoin.

You can add a community here, other useful links are the communities directory and leaderboard.

Each community gets their own page to track progress on BTC Map. You will receive a Grade based on your number of Up-To-Date locations. We provide all the metrics and data visualization needed to ensure you can maintain a high quality community in the bitcoin mapping context.

Bitcoin mapping communities maintain their local datasets and strive to have the most accurate information. Take ownership of your local data and help drive adoption. Bitcoin communities are the spark that ignites the movement. Join your friends and have fun!

Community Responsibilities 🧡

  • Help to onboard new users to bitcoin.

  • Maintain the merchants accepting bitcoin in your area. This means periodically verifying merchant details and making sure they are up-to-date on OpenStreetMap. See verified tags and the map legend for more details.

  • Help onboard new merchants to bitcoin and add them to the map.

Community Icon Specs

  • Preferred format is svg but webp, png or jpg will also be accepted.
  • The image should be square.
  • The image should have a background fill color (no transparent backgrounds).
  • Keep file sizes small.
  • Try to include some padding so that your icon looks good when the corners are rounded by apps.
  • The icon may be displayed on small screens so try to make it as readable as possible.