Optional arguments

  • updated_since - ISO 8601 date
  • limit - 32-bit integer


The elements endpoint contains an array of location objects pulled from OpenStreetMap. These locations are filtered from the complete OSM dataset by looking for one of the following tags:

  • currency:XBT=yes
  • payment:bitcoin=yes

More information about these tags and other bitcoin specific tags can be found in our data Wiki.

Reference to the OSM Wiki about elements can be found here. An element can contain many different tags which provide information about a given location. Reference to the OSM Wiki about tags can be found here.


The osm_json key contains all of the information from OSM. The top level tags key contains BTC Map information which can include boosts, merchant lightning payment information, and other data.

  "id": "node:9985802993",
  "osm_json": {
    "changeset": 127516569,
    "id": 9985802993,
    "lat": 53.4423766,
    "lon": -2.2775673,
    "tags": {
      "addr:city": "Manchester",
      "addr:housenumber": "585A",
      "addr:postcode": "M21 9AF",
      "addr:street": "Wilbraham Road",
      "currency:GBP": "yes",
      "currency:XBT": "yes",
      "currency:others": "no",
      "description": "Inexpensive traditional barbers, no appointment needed.",
      "name": "RJ's",
      "opening_hours": "Mo-Sa 09:00-17:00",
      "payment:lightning": "yes",
      "payment:lightning_contactless": "yes",
      "payment:onchain": "yes",
      "phone": "+44 7812 919857",
      "shop": "hairdresser",
      "survey:date": "2022-10-14"
    "timestamp": "2022-10-14T10:27:01Z",
    "type": "node",
    "uid": 16971158,
    "user": "nathan_day",
    "version": 11
  "tags": {
    "category": "other",
    "icon:android": "content_cut",
    "issues": [
      { "description": "Out of date", "severity": 3382, "type": "out_of_date" }
  "created_at": "2022-09-25T08:45:08Z",
  "updated_at": "2022-11-02T10:16:37Z",
  "deleted_at": ""

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